3 in 1 Software Suite

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3 in 1 Software Suite for desktop and portable computers

3 in 1 Software Suite includes a Simple Plain Text Encryption and Decryption application software, a graphical copy manager application software that provides more comfort and control over files copying operations than basic Operating System functions that makes it possible to queue transfers, resume copying after failure, limit the speed or even pause copying and if any transfer fails, an error is logged and the rest of the queue is treated and it includes most of the features of SuperCopier/UltraCopier into a completely cross-platform program that is fully operational on Linux, Windows and MacOS X systems and a Digitized Strategy Boardgame with AI (Artificial Intelligence) Difficulty/Depth and lastly, software license in rtf (Rich Text Format) format. Shipping is done through the digital download of the 3 in 1 Software Suite online to your given email address.

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