A.J. Hakimi Super Secure Password Generator Software Suite

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A.J. Hakimi Super Secure Password Generator Software Suite

In a US-based survey, a cost of $420 per employee per year is lost to password management. In the same survey, almost 40% of the users reported having more than 50 password resets in a single year. That is a lot of lost time, money, productivity and end-user satisfaction. The revelation that companies lose upwards of $420 of productivity annually per employee due to workers grappling with passwords, means that for a company with 500 staffers, the loss is equivalent to nearly $210,000 per year in productivity.

As of July 2019, there were 132.15 million full-time

employees in the United States and the loss of

productivity could be as high as or higher than

$55.503 billion per year.

A Forrester Research found the average helpdesk

labor cost for a single password reset is $70 :


The © A.J. Hakimi Super Secure Password Generator Software Suite consists of :

1) Super Secure Password Generator, and

2) 8 in 1 Applications Software, and

3) 24 page eBook on Password Security, Protection and Management, and

4) End-User License Agreement and User Guide.

Registered USA & Global/International Address : 

The Software Suite 

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9355 NE Alderwood Rd. 

Portland, OR 97220 

United States of America

Global Customer Support :

+1-646-741-3233 (Manhattan, NYC, USA)

+1-503-914-4198 (Portland, OR, USA)

Dedicated fax line at :

+1-855-658-3131 (USA)

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